Friday, March 27, 2009

Server of the Month

Table Talk Portland's server of the month is Gretchen Wilcox of Davis Street Tavern! We chose Gretchen because every time we come to DST (and we are in here at least once a week these days) we are completely charmed by her enthusiasm and cheery attitude, and totally impressed by her knowledge and passion for the food she presents. We also love her because she brings us foie gras- gingerbread sandwiches. Cheers to Gretchen!


  1. Hm. I wonder if I know anyone that lives less than 100 yards away from the Davis Street Tavern that is almost always available for dining and hasn't seen you guys for over a month?


    Who could that be?

  2. Thank You Jen and Michelle! I'm truly honored, and have sent your blog link to all my family and friends. Uhh-huhhhh, yeah, I'm SOTM, oh yeahhh...(insert dorky dancing *here*)