Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Win a Hot Date! Win a Raclette Dinner Cooked by Elias Cairo! Win a Part in James Westby's new movie! It's All At Sexy Tuesdays TONIGHT!

If you woke up feeling inexplicably sexy today, let me remind you why--it's Sexy Tuesdays! Our favorite Planned Parenthood fundraiser comes to the ultra-sexy 820 Lounge tonight, bringing with it the opportunity to mix, mingle, sip, nibble, and bid on a featured extra part in James Westby's new movie "Rid of Me," or a wildly delicious Raclette dinner for four cooked by none other than super cute Castagna Executive Chef Elias Cairo IN THE TABLETALKPORTLAND TEST KITCHEN! (aka, Michelle's kitchen...hey, that's where the magic happens, okay?) It just doesn't get any more exciting than this.

Lucy Brennan and co. will be mixing three of Mint/820's signature cocktails tonight at the event (the 816, the Bella, and the Charlie), part of the proceeds from which will go to our beloved Planned Parenthood so BE SURE TO ORDER THOSE THREE DRINKS. Complimentary nibbles will be provided and when those run out (and they always do so get there early) you'll still be able to order off of Mint's well-stocked happy hour menu.

If you weren't wetting your pants with excitement already, I neglected to mention that for $5, you can buy a raffle ticket giving you the chance to win a hot date with our friend James R.--a staunch supporter of a woman's right to choose, lover of fine food and drink, and smokin' hottie who owns the snazziest pair of bright red long john's you've ever seen. He wore them caroling this past Christmas.

James R. likes the Bye and Bye, lemurs, spaghetti and meatballs, the bathroom at Rimsky Korsakoffee, peace on earth, and long walks to the liquor store, I mean, church. He is 6", with brown hair and brown eyes, and is the reigning Butt Charades champion at our TableTalkPortland Monday Night Sunday Supper Club. AND, as though winning a date with James wasn't enough, Mint was kind enough to throw in DINNER FOR TWO, WITH WINE! So, if you win, you get a hot date with James and his long johns, dinner for two at Mint (yum!), and wine (great social lubricant when you're on a date you won in a Sexy Tuesday's raffle) all for the bargain price of $5!! You should probably buy nine or 10 raffle tickets to increase your odds of winning a date with James, and other neat prizes--like a pony wearing kneesocks.*

(*pony not included)

Also, you can bid in the Sexy Tuesday's Silent Auction for the once in a lifetime opportunity to be a "featured extra" in James Westby's new movie, Rid of Me, which stars local musical celebrity Storm Large, Everclear lead singer Art Alexakis, actress Theresa Russell, and super nice and pretty local actress Katie O'Grady. If you follow our blog even a little, you've probably noticed that we have been lucky enough to serve as the offical food stylists for Rid of Me, and it's an awesome movie that we hope will win tons of awards so we can go to fancy parties and gorge ourselves on free prawns and champagne cocktails. Or something like that. A featured extra part, as James explained to me, is La Grande Dame of extra parts because you are guaranteed to have your face in the shot, or even better, a line! So come tonight and bid to win!

Last but not least, you'll want to bid on the Raclette dinner for four, cooked by Castagna Executive Chef Elias Cairo IN the TableTalkPortland test kitchen. Wine, dessert, largely nonsensical banter, and a rousing game of Butt Charades are all included for the winning bidder. In case you aren't familiar with Raclette--it's basically all about putting melted cheese on everything in sight, sort of like fondue but with paddles. I suggest you google it for more detailed information, it's a fascinating read.

Anyway, enough of my tireless promotion of what is sure to be an unforgettable Sexy Tuesdays event, auction, and raffle. Here is the official Sexy Tuesdays invite, for more information. Michelle and I will see you TONIGHT! BE THERE! BID IN THE AUCTION! WIN A CHANCE TO PLAY BUTT CHARADES WITH JAMES AND HIS LONG JOHNS!

Join us for Sexy Tuesdays at


Tuesday, March 10th

816 North Russell
Portland, OR
6-8:30 PM

Join PPCW for a night of experiences at this free event.

Enjoy tasty drinks and food fromMint/820. Bring your four leaf clover

and you might just get lucky bidding in our silent auction!

  • a painting session with Bonnie Taylor Talbotwww.ipaintpictures.com

  • brandy making with the guys at New Deal Distillery

  • a private session with Brian Kurth, career strategist and founder of VocationVacation

  • your name used in a LiveWireshow, tickets to that show, signed script and meet the cast

  • dinner for four by Elias Cairo--Executive Chef at Castagna Restaurant--cooked in the TableTalkPortland's test kitchen

  • a 'featured extra' part in James Westby’s new movie ‘Rid of Me’ starring Storm Large

  • a date with Portland's most eligible bachelor and dinner for two at Mint

Plus cool PPCW merchandise for sale!

For more information please visit: www.sexytuesdays.org or email sexytuesdays@ppcw.org

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