Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Whoopie Rhymes with Poopie

A very good friend sent along a link this morning to this fascinating article in the New York Times about the lovable and oft-overlooked Whoopie Pie. Fun to bake, fun to eat, fun to say, fun to make off-color rhymes with, the Whoopie Pie is a classic.

Click on the title to read the article:

Whoopie! Cookie, Pie or Cake, It's Having Its Moment

My favorite quote:

“If you peel the Saran off and half the cookie doesn’t come away, it’s not a real whoopie pie,” Ms. Oliver said.

This has inspired me to pull out my frighteningly overstuffed recipe box and dig around for my favorite pumpkin whoopie pie recipe. I will post it for you as soon as I find it.


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