Monday, March 23, 2009

When Cupcakes Fly

Sometimes Mom calls me with a soft whine in her voice, and I immediately know the score: she's craving Saint Cupcake. But Mom lives many hours away, in a terrible place where they have no Saint Cupcake, so there's not much I can do. Until now, for Saint Cupcake has developed a mouth-watering interactive cupcake shipping process, in their signature cheery pink style.

For $21 (includes shipping!!), you can send someone you like who lives faraway three signature St. Cupcake cupcakes, three icings, and three types of sprinkles. Assembly required, but who doesn't like frosting and decorating a cupcake? If you know such a person, I can't imagine why you'd be sending them gifts in the first place.

Now Mom is happy, so I am happy. You can make someone happy too. Here are the details.

saint cupcake is now shipping!

get ready to give the gift of saint cupcake to friends and loved ones in far off places! or, if you live in one of those far off places and have been dying to try saint cupcake, the time has come! from the comfort of your own keyboard, you can order our yummy cupcakes and have them delivered anywhere in the continental US. simply visit to start building your very own cupcake kit. you pick your cake flavors! you pick your icings! you pick your sprinkles! we then pack it all up and send it to you. easy, sweet AND delicious!

we are so excited! aren't you? saint cupcake practically anywhere! seriously? yay!

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